Mobile Apps

Need a mobile (Android, iPhone, or Windows) application to promote your brand, product, or service? Got an idea for a new application concept or game? We can develop the perfect application for you!


  • Businesses can make a shift from its physical or online services to portable services in the form of mobile applications to market and promote themselves for a progressive growth or providing value added services to improve revenue generation.
  • More customers and markets can be tapped without any location or time constraint.
  • High ROI and cost effective.

Why use Critical Development?

We specialize in the development of applications for mobiles and we have developed applications which are unique and stands out as a proof of expertise of our mobile apps development team. We have created products for a wide range for various industries such as medical & healthcare, gaming, real estate, hotel, construction, and many more. Our talented team of mobile application developers can provide clients with customized high quality applications.


In the current work scenario it is extremely important that a business is accessible to the customers and employees anytime through mobile devices so as to improve the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency leading to a progressing business. To achieve this our mobile application developers use their knowledge and years of experience in mobile development to produce applications completely up to the expectations of the client and within minimal budget.

Cutting edge technologies

Every mobile application development that has been created by our team has the latest technology in mobile applications development, whether it’s meant for iOS, Android, Windows, or Blackberry platforms. Our mobile app developers assist our clients to promote their business and achieve their goals by providing services and products developed right from the initiation to the completion stages as per the client expectations.

Read our Principles of Beautiful Mobile Apps and Websites

For a detailed price quote, or more information about how a mobile application can benefit you or your business, contact us to discuss the possibilities.

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