Why is web development expensive?

Development of a good website is impossible without certain investments. Also, just like any other high-quality product that performs its tasks effectively, a good website cannot be too cheap. So what are the main principles of website development pricing? Why is website development so expensive? Are the costs of development of an expensive site comparable with benefits you are going to reap from it? Where can you request a good site that will meet the individual needs of your business for a reasonable price?

Website development pricing is determined by a number of factors; web developers spend intellectual, time and software resources for website development. If a site is expensive the developers may have used the resources of the highest quality for its development; the cost of these resources is built into the final cost of the ready site.

Development of a good site starts with the preliminary analysis of the company’s activity, its competitors in the Internet environment. The site concept and its structure are developed; web developers also determine necessary modules and components that are responsible for performance of particular tasks.

At the early stage of development design layouts of the site are created and approved. On the basis of these layouts the templates are made, and the site is integrated with the content managements system (CMS). Then web developers write necessary modules and components.

Further stages of website development include search engine optimization of the site for its promotion in the search engines and content development, testing of the site and its placement on the web hosting.

Each of these stages of website development requires close cooperation of several highly-qualified specialists (or one person who is well versed in all of these specialties): Internet marketing specialists, web designers, web developers (web programmers), SEO engineers, copywriters. Payment of working time of such specialists is one of the main factors that determine website development pricing.

Education and training of each specialist that participates in website development requires time and financial expenditure. It also takes much time for the specialists to gain enough professional experience. Payment of working time of each specialist should comply with his professional skills.

In order to help you to understand why an expensive site is better than a cheap one we will draw an analogy with common life situations. For example, when you buy foodstuff, clothes or household appliances, you may come across totally different prices for the products that seem to be identical: some of them are more expensive, some are cheaper.

In the overwhelming majority of cases too low price for the good results from extremely low quality of raw materials used for manufacture of the product, low quality of processing. When a customer buys such good, he risks not only to spend his money in vain, but also to his health or financial welfare. “Cheapest is the dearest” – this popular wisdom is correct in all cases.

In some cases high price for the product in addition to its high quality can be also explained by the famous name of the manufacturing company. Indeed, a product of similar quality manufactured by a less eminent company is cheaper; but when a customer buys a product with a quality mark of a world known company, he also buys moral satisfaction and other non-material benefits. In such cases the acquisition of additional benefits is the main reason to buy a more expensive product.

Thus website development pricing is determined by objective factors. Development of an expensive website gives the customer several important benefits:

1. Сonfidence in high efficiency of the ready site that is proved by:

-individual unique design that takes proper account of the peculiarities of the company’s business and emphasizes its advantages;
-cross-browser coding that ensures correct display of the site in different browsers and by different monitor resolutions;
-professional scripting that ensures fail-safe functioning of all modules and components of the site;

2. Сonfidence in convenience of the ready site for its visitors and administrators due to:

-observance of modern usability requirements that allows the users to find necessary information on the site with no trouble;
-a convenient content management system (CMS) that allows the site administrator to add and edit website content easily without the assistance of developers;

3. Сonfidence in the honesty of the developer that is confirmed by subscription of a bilateral contract that describes the rights and duties of both parties, period of execution of works, the cost of works.

Websites are expensive – it is a condition dictated by the objective reality. We determine web design pricing relying on objective criteria only such as required amount and complexity of website development works, time required for website development etc. We aspire to perform our work as professionally and skilfully as possible and to develop an efficient site that will be profitable to our customer.

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